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Nationalism -[nash-uh-nl-iz-uh m, nash-nuh-liz-](noun)

  1. Spirit or aspirations common to the whole of a nation. 2. Devotion and loyalty to one’s own country; patriotism.

3 excessive patriotism; chauvinism.

Uh-oh (ducking) Please don’t throw anything I’m just writing because no matter how long I ponder, I just don’t get it!

What is this word that has caused so much chaos, and arguing back and forth?  I’ve highlighted meaning two is it really wrong to be loyal to one’s country?  To be a patriot? To want to care for those in need here in our country first or is it just that like so many times before people have taken a word, and picked and chosen a word with a meaning that suits their needs for the times.


I know we should help others, because that is the Christian thing to do, but what of our vets coming back from war? Are they getting what they need? Do they deserve consideration? Am I evil because I want to focus on them and the homeless in our country, before I focus on others? Am I racist, because I want programs developed to stop the killing of our children in schools and on the street; no matter their race?  Am I unfair because I think money should be given to programs here to help those in need? We have elderly who can’t afford to keep their house warm, or keep themselves fed. Parents who can’t make enough money to feed their children or worse yet, keep them in a home or apartment?


Is it wrong to want to straighten out the systems at home to save children that are in homes and suffering unspeakable horrors?


By reading the above definitions, I don’t see the problem. I don’t disagree that other people running from horrors in other countries need our help, not by a long shot, but I do believe we should help those at home first.  I believe we should be supporting our home first.  I don’t pay the mortgage on my neighbors house first, I pay mine first. If I can I help people financially, (and I’ve done it many times before), but not before I took care of my own first.


Growing up a welfare child I know what it is like to go without, I am familiar with the struggle to try and make ends meet with that check. I know how easy it would have been, if not for my mother staying at home, to get involved in a situation that would have changed the path of my life, but it was hard on her doing it alone.


Why does everything in this country have to be a fight? It is getting soo old. I have been fighting my way out of depression for two years now; because the hate that divided this country was just do heavy on my heart. It is knocked me down, and I couldn’t get up. I have not written on this blog for almost a year because it was getting too dark to see my way out.  We all have our breaking point, and I had reached mine. Hate was tearing apart everything I held close.


HATE and HATE alone is  the dark monster that sneaks into your soul, and before you know it, it will absorb you. You and you alone are part of the line of defense to stop it from consuming our country and eventually our world.  We have to be the ones to stop it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Author: bonnielpleisch

Bonnie likes to explore the different genre's of writing when she is working. Her novels may not always be tagged as one genre, without a little shake of some others. Paranormal and Science Fiction are her favorites. She is a mom of 3 and a grandmother of 7. She lives in NH with husband and dog.

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