Simply Depression Prt. 2

depression strikes without warning. Not once did it give me a battle cry or any kind of warning that it is about to attack . . .

Simply Depression part 2

Hey! Yeah I know. Forgive me for being so absent of late. January has been a crazy month. I decided my New Year’s Resolution was to be more serious about my Etsy store.  I’ve been developing something that just might have a chance at selling. I don’t mind saying it can be discouraging when you feel like a failure over and over, and how depression tends to keep you in that cycle.  I told myself it was time to break away from those hands that held me down. I was never going to make a chance for me or my store, if I continued to believe myself a failure, and someone who does nothing right.

It’s not easy trying to pull yourself up from that hole you’re in when depression strikes without warning. Not once did it give me a battle cry or any kind of warning that it is about to attack, or give me a chance to fight back.  Because of this attack, any failure I had, didn’t seem like a stepping stone to me as it should in business, but more like I was falling . . . falling . . . falling . . . into the abyss with no safety line to keep me from hitting bottom.

Recently, I’ve notice that it is a little easier to smile, and rejoin life.  That safety net that I was so desperately trying to find, found me. I have support from professionals and family now. I have places to go, and people to call. I can’t say that the tendrils don’t reach for me still, they do, but I know how to fight back, how to find my way around that corner, and keep focused on what I’m reaching for; my business.

So many ideas are pumping through my head, and I’m reach for them, and trying to form them to build that business I was reaching for before it all started. Keeping focused on going forward is what I need to do.  I do understand that depression will always linger in the shadows, but using  my circle of support, and taking it one day at a time, I will reach the goals I have set for myself, and be that successful person I desire.

Pass the love around and God Bless





Author: bonnielpleisch

Bonnie likes to explore the different genre's of writing when she is working. Her novels may not always be tagged as one genre, without a little shake of some others. Paranormal and Science Fiction are her favorites. She is a mom of 3 and a grandmother of 7. She lives in NH with husband and dog.

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