Simply Love

Hate – to feel hostility or animosity toward. To detest. (No matter how you look at the dictionary meanings listed the three common words are – Animosity; hostility; or detest.

Love – (Informal) a friendly form of address / Used to express affectionate approval for someone / a great interest and pleasure in something. 

   Above are the dictionary definitions of love and hate.  I like to simplify it. To me, hate means and absence of love. Simple, right?  Then why can’t we find some of that love, and spread it around?  Why can’t we redirect the hostility, and animosity, with a little bit of affection, friendliness, kindness, and share a little pleasantness with another person?  Have we forgotten the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated? I’m sure it does not mean you want complete strangers to hate you for your ethnic background or a crayon color.

Hate is such a, for lack of a better description, debilitating parasite. It lodges itself in our heart, and eats away until there is nothing but a black hole where our soul used to be.  Love, on the other hand, feeds our heart, and nourishes it. It plants seeds of kindness, friendliness, and affection. It also creates the desire to share, and to pass those feelings on to another. How do we do that?  Many people wonder how they can possibly even share a bit of kindness in a world so full of darkness, fear, and alienation, without being judged.  So, so, sad,

Fear of judgment is, unfortunately, a roadblock stopping Americans from being kind to each other, sharing love for their neighbor, reaching out to those they meet in their daily activities. Why? Picture this will you. You live in a great neighborhood. Every one of the residents is seen daily, either walking kids to school, or gathering at a local pool depending what time of year it is. Women gather around the toddler pool during the day, and chat about what new and exciting things their children are doing. “Hey, Theresa took her first steps today.”; “How exciting! Marsha put her own shirt on today.”; “Oh that is so wonderful!”; “Pete used the potty for the first time today. He was so proud.”  

All of this and more are how many people reach out and share experiences, joyful experiences, with each other. At that moment in time, these moms or dads are bonding through the experiences that every parent finds exciting. It is exciting, it is fun, and it is sharing something very precious with someone else. They don’t care what their background is, what the color of their companions’ skin is. It is just sharing memories, and sharing love. This is how seeds of love are planted, sowed, and harvested.

Do you open the store’s door for the person behind you? Stop your car as a pedestrian crosses the road in front of you? Allow a car to go before you do in an intersection?  Show some courtesy when you are in a traffic jam?  Yes, I agree, these are all little things that some people do, but what about holding the door to a store open for the one that held the door for the one before you?  There’s a mouthful.  How about helping someone load or unload their groceries, or even taking a shift for someone who is trying desperately to take care of a parent or another member of their family. What about offering transportation to appointments for those who can’t drive themselves. These are all little acts of kindness that will help build a wall of love.